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Counseling for Individuals

Everyone can benefit from therapy. We strive to provide a safe, judgement-free environment where you can be fully transparent while working towards healing. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and teaming up with a counselor you trust to work through what stands in your way. Check out our counselors below and find the approach that most resonates with you.

Joanna Dixon, LMFT

The “joining” process in therapy is imperative to the provider/client relationship. Joanna invests a lot of her initial energy in getting to know you on a personal level.
She strives to provide a space where you can sit back, carefully unpack the stressors you are facing, and gain some objectivity on things that you just cannot see because it is too close to you.


Loren Lyons, MMFT

Loren believes that in order to solve the problems that life can throw at us, we need to look at it from all possible angles to help find the best solution. Also, that YOU, as the client, already have those tools needed to solve the issue, and her job is to help you discover the best ways to access them.

Nicole Heckel, LMFT

When life feels unmanageable it can be really overwhelming and stressful. I’m here to provide a safe and compassionate space that allows you to process what challenges you are facing. I’m here to help with grief work, anxiety, codependency, boundary setting, identifying healthy coping skills, and self esteem struggles.

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Mandy Middleton, MMFT

"I believe that working with the various parts and beliefs that we have about ourselves and the world around us is very important in living our best life."


With a natural compassion and empathy, Mandy's approach offers practical techniques to challenge those false, unhelpful beliefs we all have and regain, maybe for the first time, an accurate sense of SELF.

Jinny Glasco, LCSW

Jinny integrates a diverse blend of therapeutic models that are proven to be successful to give the results and changes you want to see in your life and relationships. She specializes in Grief, End of Life Coaching, Stress Management, ADHD, Depression, and more.


Becky Kimbrough, MMFT

Becky exudes an ease and comfort in the therapy office that allows you to feel seen and heard in a safe space created just for you. She has a gentle way of nudging her clients towards areas they feel stuck, and an ability to challenge them to dig deeper in their work to step into the healthier life they desire.


If you are ready for a change, her grace to come alongside you is genuine and poised so that you can release and continue your journey with confidence and courage.


Rachel Williams, MMFT

Combining integrity, finding your personal identity, and spirituality where desired, Rachel brings grace, acceptance, and heart to those who are seeking to be understood in hopes of finding greater understanding.

If you are ready to take the steps to personal growth and change, while gaining deeper roots within yourself, Rachel is just the counselor to meet you there.


Kristen Webster, MMFT

To speak, and be heard.

To find your voice and advocate for yourself while still having compassion for those around you.

These are some things that are a natural byproduct of your time in working with Kristen. 


Kristen is a skilled listener and enjoys the process of working with others to find creative solutions to life’s difficult problems. She is passionate about working with her clients through challenging life adjustments, anxiety, depression, and codependency. 

Alex MacWilliam, MMFT

Alex strives to help the whole of a person heal. His therapeutic ethos is to not just look at the issues facing the individual but the history that creates the issue. Alex uses what he calls the “two how’s” of therapy:

1) HOW did we get here?

2) HOW do we want to change?

Alex wants to see the roots of trauma healed while helping individuals find practical solutions to client’s presenting issues.


Tara Sprouls, TEMP-LPC

With a tender heart and an open mind, Tara specializes in tackling issues such as grief, abandonment, depression, divorce care, trauma, parenting support, and individuals with marital concerns.


Her gentle approach and ability to actively listen and reflect provides an atmosphere in which clients can be vulnerable about the troubles they are facing and yet feel at ease to share them in a safe space.

Julie Flannagan, MMFT

Julie has studied many theories and approaches for assisting couples, families, and individuals through difficulties they may face, from depression or anxiety to relationship issues to grief and loss. She is excited to be continually exploring and learning new ways to help her clients. Julie has experience with grief and loss, PTSD, parenting issues, and childhood trauma, and draws on her personal journey in these areas as well.


Lauren Browning, TEMP-LPC

Lauren enjoys the collaborative approach in counseling that allows for the client to be the expert of their lives. She works with you to discover the best ways to achieve your goals and find hope in challenging situations. Her goal for all she works with is the pursuit of health, healing, and growth while preparing to face the next season of their lives.

Lauren Lowery, MMFT

As each individual is unique, Lauren believes that no two therapy processes are the same. She primarily utilizes an attachment-based lens, understanding that the way we attach as children plays a direct role in how we attach to others around us as adults. She hopes to help clients understand themselves in the context of a larger system.


Lindsay Loftis, MMFT

Lindsay enjoys working with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, and just struggling with some of the stressors that life throws our way.  Connecting with her clients and helping them navigate through life’s challenges while promoting health, healing, and growth is one of her top priorities.

Trey Manor, MMFT

Hearing your story is an extremely high honor, and I recognize that entering into therapy and being vulnerable with a new person is no easy task. Your commitment to exploring and bettering yourself is one of the hardest and most valuable things you may do.


Lillian Eastham, MMFT

Lillian values being able to help others walk through different transitions and phases in life, albeit career, grief, relationship changes, young adulthood, separating from your family of origin, etc. Her gentle demeanor and strength for interpersonal connection make her excellent at creating a safe environment for her clients to connect, engage, and carefully step into the pain that troubles their system and gain corrective experiences to help heal those stuck places. 

Lana Jainarain, MMFT

Lana views the psychotherapy process from a holistic perspective — allowing care to each part of a person (spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional). Lana integrates inner child work, core emotions, and carefully discerns the best course of navigating the counseling process based on the specific needs for each individual client. 

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