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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: We are considered "Private Pay" or "Out of Network Providers." For in-network options, please contact your insurance company.

Q: How does this process work?

A: Step 1: You're here.    

Something in your life has become unmanageable.... 

Where you go from here is entirely up to you.

Step 2: Email us** to schedule an appointment where you will be matched with someone.

Step 3:  Our Directors, will assist in connecting you to optimal and available counselors who best fits your therapeutic, scheduling, and financial needs.

**You also have the option to click on our Find a Counselor tab and check out the Bios of our team. Email the one who you resonate with the most while looking at their Areas of Focus and counseling approach and send an email directly to that particular counselor.**

Q: What happens after I schedule an appointment?

A: After you schedule an appointment, you will head to the Forms tab and print the Client Intake form as well as the HIPAA Privacy Act Form. Make sure to put your appointment date and time on your calendar!

To best utilize our time together, please have all documents printed out, completed, read through thoroughly, and signed.  If you have any questions, please note them and ask in your appointment or via email.  

Q: Where can I find more about who I might be meeting with when I schedule a session?

A:  Joanna founder and clinical supervisor and offers limited availability on Monday's & Tuesday's, but assists in the training and development of all counselors and interns at this site.


There are also Pre-Licensed Professionals which have graduated from their respective Masters Program and are at different stages of their post-graduate licensure work.

Our Graduate interns are counselors-in-training, who are in their final months of their Masters Program and completing counseling hours. Please note that all counselors at this site work as a team and confidentially staff cases weekly for support and further counseling development. Click here to learn more about each counselor.

Q: What is the cost of counseling?

A: There are many things to note when considering the financial investment of therapy.

First, you may want to look around and compare the cost of local therapists in the area as well as the possibility of using your insurance. 

The rates of each counselor with Matters of the Heart is listed at the bottom of each Bio under the Find a Counselor tab.

Here is a link to a scholarly article about the average cost of therapy and the benefits of working with a Marriage and Family Therapist for brevity and increased successful outcomes with a Systems based approach. The identified average rate for therapy is between $90-$250/session according to the article.

Q: Why Matters of the Heart?

A: When considering the things that matter the most to our personhood, the relationships that we hold closest to us can offer the greatest amount of support and comfort. Likewise, they can offer the greatest amount of frustration, hurt, and wounding. Friendships, significant others, children, parents, siblings, and others that most closely surround our world have the most significant impact on our emotional health.

For that reason, our focus is on healing the from that core wound that often hides underneath the more obvious issues…. “communication,” “disconnect,” “sex issues,” “anger,” “bitterness” or any other myriad of issues that you think is a primary concern.  We hear your concerns and address them within the context of what is a step deeper… feelings of rejection, belonging, disappointment, shame, value, etc.

So ultimately, if it matters to your heart, it matters to ours.   

With our ultimate goal of greater emotional health for you and working ourselves out of a job, our ability to attune our focus with the deepest issues that plague you is crucial! 

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