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Endorsed Local Providers 

At this time, Matters of the Heart does not provide counseling for clients under the age of 13, with some exceptions for pre-existing clients/families being treated by providers with Matters of the Heart.
As we know this is a need and want to honor that need when it presents.
Below are some of the providers in the surrounding area that Joanna and the team highly recommend for their work with children:


Dawn McCastland, MA Counselor

& Equine Therapy 

Counselor providing equine therapy for adults, children, and entire families to create an experience that is outside of the "counseling box." 

*Offers some sliding scale rates

*Joanna's clients have the option of working with Joanna & Dawn as a team in supplemental therapy sessions during treatment if interested

Christine Pierozzi-Matusek, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker specializing in working with children and families.

*Some insurances accepted

Sara Root, LMFT

& The Papillion Center

Therapist working with children and family, as well as clinical director at Papillion Center.

*Some insurances accepted

Jade Wiggins, LPC-MHSP (her/she)

Counselor working with many diverse populations including children and families.  

*Some insurances accepted

Athena Consulting Group

Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, able to provide testing services and often have specialists who work with families/children when the court system is involved.

*Some insurances accepted 

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