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Graduate/Pre-Licensed Supervision



In addition to counseling services, this is a site for graduate interns completing their Masters in Counseling and will receive weekly supervision from Joanna as an AAMFT (American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists) Approved Supervisor, Clinical Fellow and Supervisor Mentor. 

Supervision Opportunities with Joanna:
Graduate Students: in the final semesters of their Masters program gaining experience and training for their career
Pre-Licensed Counselors: for graduates seeking their license in Marriage & Family Therapy 
(Jo is currently not accepting any new graduates for licensure supervision).
AAMFT Supervision Mentorship: for LMFT's seeking to complete their additional training hours and supervision in effort to become an AAMFT approved supervisor.
GROUP SUPERVISION "Group Soup": Held Monthly at Jo's house or a local training spot, open to non-primary supervises, and those seeking licensure as MFT's, LPC's, & LMSW's. This is our favorite time together. A time to learn, observe, bring in guest specialists to help us grow as clinicians. Contact for availability and dates *Lunch is provided
(**Check with your primary supervisor first for licensure expectations and amount of hours able to obtain
externally from an AAMFT Approved Supervisor-varies by degree**)

MFT-Supervision Opportunities with Nicole & Mandy:
Post-Graduate Licensure Supervision:  Nicole and Mandy are accepting Supervisee's who are seeking licensure as MFT's  *Nicole & Mandy are under Jo's supervision and mentorship as AAMFT Approved Supervisor Candidates*

LMSW-Supervision Opportunities with Jinny:
Social Work Licensure Supervision:  Jinny is accepting Supervisee's who are seeking licensure as Social Workers 

Each semester Matters of the Heart allows 2-3 students at each location to join Matters of the Heart for their course requirements. Positions fill quickly, so contact us as early in your academic journey as possible to interview for an opportunity to learn with us. This also allows an opportunity for our community to receive services from a counselor in training at a significantly reduced rate.


In my supervision experience, I found there to be many different styles to teaching and mentoring. One thing I deeply longed for in the process was for more authentic connection. I have pulled from some of the different supervisors and mentors that I have trained under and created a style of mentoring and developing counselors that is similar to my approach to counseling....warm and connected.


Each month I invite supervises to my home for "Group Soup" where we break bread, learn about different treatment models and styles, and sometimes host guest speakers to create a vibrant array of learning styles. My goal for my supervisees is to be able to leave our time together feeling inspired, excited, challenged in new ways, and most of all- connected. 


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