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Couples Counseling

Whatever you are facing as a couple we are here to help.

From relational crisis, marriage intensives, to pre-marital counseling or post-divorce/co-parenting support, we see a myriad of relationships here at Matters of the Heart. Whether its a healthy "tune-up," contemplating divorce, non-traditional relationships, LGBTQ+ couples, Pastoral & Ministry based couples, co-parenting, co-dependency, sexual issues, infidelity, addiction, and everything in between, we have a counselor to best meet you there.


Additionally, many of our Clinicians working with relationships are Marriage & Family Therapists (LMFT/MMFT). This means we are trained differently from other degreed counselors. Not better. Just DIFFERENT. We are trained to examine the entire system with which the relationship is connected to (from childhood to now). Not just the "low hanging fruit" as we refer to it, or the symptoms you bring to us (infidelity, disaffection, lack of sexual intimacy, etc). We are specifically trained to look at the complexities that arise when you join two people together from different backgrounds.


We work with you to further identify what is keeping your system stuck and unable to achieve the relational health you long for. 


For more information on the training of Marriage and Family Therapists, click here. Additionally, as the client, should we ever feel that the counselor you are working with is a poor fit for you, our directors will work diligently with you to locate an alternative provider to best meet your needs. We have counselors within our group as well as outside of our practice whom we often recommend.


Check out our counselors below by clicking their photos and find the approach that best fits your need.


Each counselor rate varies and is listed on each bio page. If cost is a deciding factor in your search for counseling, make sure to check out our Graduate Interns.

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