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Our Core Values at Matters of the Heart:


1.     Transparent: Show up as who you are and where you’ve been in how that informs the work that you do with the client’s you treat and the counselors you work beside. 

2.     Collaborative: Working with a team dynamic to treat the whole person, family, or relationship you are treating by referring to or consulting with for greater support and success for our client’s.

3.     Generous: Ever remaining mindful of our social justice to provide care and support for all of those who can and cannot afford private pay services- offering pro-bono to what social justice best aligns with you as an individual provider while also sharing your expertise and support to the peers and students learning within our group. 

4.     Authentic: Continuously cultivating and developing your craft as a clinician to treat your clients and work with other providers in a way that is wholly YOU and not trying to be a provider who treats XYZ and practices XYZ when your natural giftings set you up for success by focusing on ABC.

5.     Empowering: Learning, Knowing, and Believing that you are right where you are supposed to be in such a time to work with whomever lands on your couch, and help them to own their lives and walk in who they were meant to be!

6.     Family/Work-life Balance: KNOWING that home comes 1st and a team that agrees. To work hard with the client’s you are best equipped to serve, making a generous living so that you can work less in the office, and be present with your family more!