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Now Serving Big Heart Tea Co.

I LOOOOVE TEA. Not your typical "Southern Sweet Tea," but good, loose leaf, herbal tea. Tea that is aromatic, soothing, calming, and sweetened at times with honey just for fun! 

When I was 20 I spent a summer in Hong Kong, and on long weekends, we traveled. One weekend, we traveled into ShenZen, China, where one of our excursions was to visit the tea house where all of the restauranteurs would come to find the tea leaves, blends, and curator that they preferred. In China, there is a beautiful ART, even a ceremony to the process of enjoying good tea. Seep your leaves too long in hot water, and it gets bitter, too short, and its weak... Visit this link  to enjoy a typical Chinese Tea Ceremony. 

This experience and season in my life opened my eyes to the joy of delightful tea. I have experienced beautiful tea combinations at different spas, and tea houses that promote the best teas available, and in that process, I have found Big Heart Tea Co. 

Big Heart Tea Co. can be bought online through their website at or in Anthropologie stores everywhere.  Big Heart Tea Co.'s mission is to make people feel good, with the power of healing herbs.

There was no question after I tasted their teas and learned what their passion was that this was the company and tea I wanted to share with our clients, and my friends here at the Big Blue House. Therapy has such a way of feeling sterile and cold, and this is just another way that I want to make everyone's experience in coming to therapy at Matters of the Heart a little more relaxing and like a chance to escape for an hour or so to focus just--on--themselves. (deep breath) 

I know as a wife, mom of 4, and small-business owner, my time spent focusing on ME is limited. So when I journey into my counselor's office, I make sure to treat myself to lunch, and take a little extra time for the day to really process what all is revealing itself to me. Beautiful, lovely, floral teas are one leisurely way I can invite those coming to Matters of the Heart to take a little extra time for themselves. 

So, come in early for your appointment.

Bring a good book.

Fix a mug or cup of tea or coffee.

Have a pastry.

And wait in our lobby, on our front porch swing, or at the table in the back yard, and indulge yourself as you continue your journey to your best life and greater emotional health. 


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