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Here's a little about each of us to help you see who you think would be a good fit for working with.

Joanna is the site and clinical supervisor and offers limited availability on Monday's & Tuesday's, but assists in the training and development of all counselors and interns at this site.

There are also Pre-Licensed Professionals which have graduated from their respective Masters Program and are at different stages of their post-graduate licensure work.

Our Graduate interns are counselors-in-training, who are in their final months of their Masters Program and completing counseling hours. Please note that all counselors at this site work as a team and confidentially staff cases weekly for support and further counseling development.

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Joanna Dixon, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and AAMFT Clinical Supervisor Candidate


  • Couples in Crisis

  • Enneagram Expert/Coach

  • Marital/Couples Counseling

  • Trauma, EMDR fully trained

  • Musicians/Artists/Public Figures issues

  • Military/First Responders & their loved ones

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Religious Wounding/Oppression

  • Adolescents/Young Adults

E M A I L  J O A N N A

Joanna will begin taking new client's again after returning from Maternity Leave- Mid March, 2020. Please email for future scheduling. Otherwise, select from one of our other highly qualified and trained counselors for your journey. 

I founded Matters of the Heart Counseling Services after obtaining my degree in 2010 from Trevecca Nazarene University.  My goal for Matters of the Heart, was to create a team environment that was cohesive, and non-competitive for greater success of our client's leading to greater success as a practice. A graduated client is the goal for us all as we join you in pursuit of health!

As a directive, action-oriented therapist, I find that by jumping in and working alongside my clients is a more efficient way to see some quick successes in the therapeutic process.  Some of my strengths include working with couples, intensive couples counseling- even when one party is resistant to treatment. To me, the “joining” process in therapy is imperative to the provider/client relationship, and I commit a lot of my energy to getting to know you, not just at a client level, but at a personal level. 


Each individual must feel safe to be seen and heard in a space that is safe and free of judgement or condemnation, and I strive to provide that to all who walk through my door. In addition to couples, working with families and  individuals who feel stuck or in need of a fresh direction for their journey is a strength. I seek to empower my clients to live the healthiest life they can, and challenge them to work diligently towards their goals for treatment.


I obtained my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Trevecca Nazarene University and my bachelor’s from Tennessee Technological University in Special Education, minoring in Psychology. As a therapist, I pursued becoming fully trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for the treatment of trauma.  I also am certified to administer the Prepare/Enrich Marital Assessment for Pre-Engagement, Pre-Marital, and Marital Enrichment counseling, and I have spent several years studying the Enneagram and incorporate the work of the Enneagram with all of my clients.


My therapeutic approach, much like most therapists, is a blend of several therapeutic models that have proven highly effective in the work that I do.  Interweaving the knowledge of the Enneagram (personality assessment,, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Experiential therapy and EMDR,  I cautiously navigate the intense and vulnerable journey of therapy with my clients so they are able to remain engaged, hopeful, empowered, and most importantly- emotionally healthy.

In addition to counseling services, this is a site for interns completing their master’s in counseling and will receive weekly supervision from me as an AAMFT (American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists) approved supervisor in training (under the Supervision of AAMFT approved supervisor Dr. Julie Barnes).  I also offer supervision to counselors who have completed their master’s course work and are in pursuit of their license, post-graduation.  As a counselor, site supervisor, and licensure supervisor, I take an interactive, engaging, and directive approach with those I work with.

Nicole Heckel, MMFT
MFT Pre-Licensed Counselor


  • Addiction/Recovery

  • Codependency

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Family Counseling

  • Life Skills/Social Support

  • Couples /Marital

  • Pre-Marital Counseling

  • Ministry Families

E M A I L  N I C O L E

Nicole graduated from Bellarmine University in Louisville Kentucky with an undergraduate degree in psychology. After getting her undergraduate degree she worked in a residential setting with children and then worked in an outpatient substance abuse treatment facility. Nicole completed her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University In Lynchburg Virginia and has been working in outpatient mental health treatment. She has been married for 7+ years and has worked along side her husband in ministries to help navigate the concerns that individuals, teens, families, and couples face.


Nicole has several years of significant experience working with individuals  and their families with mental illness in an outpatient setting. This setting has allowed for Nicole to assist with crisis intervention and provide support to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness while they identify and develop treatment goals to cope with depression, anxiety, and trauma.


She also is an expert in working with adults with substance abuse issues in residential and outpatient treatment programs. Through groups and individual treatment while working with individuals on boundary setting, communication, and relapse prevention. Nicole has also provided education to family members, conflict resolution, and assisting family members wanting to provide support to loved ones who struggle with addiction. 


Nicole's compassion and strength as a provider allow her to provide a safe place to connect and be heard while pushing through the struggles that keep you and your loved ones stuck!  Email her today to begin breaking from from those places holding you back from being all you were created to be! 

Nicole is currently under clinical supervision with Joanna Dixon, LMFT, while she pursues her license as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Becky Kimbrough,
Trevecca Nazarene University Senior-Graduate Intern


  • Couples/Families

  • Marital/Pre-Marital

  • Addiction/Recovery

  • GRIEF/Grief Recovery

  • Post-Partum & Maternal Loss

  • Aging Parents & End of Life Care

  • Codependency

  • Depression/Anxiety


E M A I L   B E C K Y

Becky is in her final semesters at Trevecca Nazarene University in the Marriage and Family Counseling program. She is a Tennessee native, has a growing family, and has found that her life experiences provide her a great leg up in the pursuit of becoming a Marriage and Family Counselor. As a natural nurturer and caregiver, and Enneagram 9, her development as a counselor has been incredibly organic and the next best step in her professional journey.


Whether it be navigating the road of caring for your aging parents, estate planning and support, addiction/recovery/codependency work, couples, family, or individual needs, Becky has the fantastic ability to be present--- right where you are. She has a grace and compassionate way of supporting you as you prepare for the some times challenging road to change and growth.


Becky's training and skill sets as a strength and emotionally focused counselor will strategically help you to identify your personal and therapeutic goals to better guide you in your journey towards emotional health.  

Kristen Webster,
Liberty University
MFT Graduate Intern


  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Marital/Pre-Marital

  • Family of Origin Issues

  • Divorce/Divorce Recovery

  • Blended Families

  • Women's Issues

  • Codependecy Recovery

  • Children/Adolescents 


E M A I L   K R I S T E N

Kristen is in her final year at Liberty University in the Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy Program.  She received a Bachelors of Social Work degree from Evangel University, which heavily influences her strengths-based approach to therapy. 


A Nashville native, Kristen lives locally with her children and navigates the complex and demanding roles of mother, student, counselor in training, and provider with courage and poise. She is a skilled listener and enjoys the process of working with others to find creative solutions to life’s difficult problems. She is passionate about working with her clients through challenging life adjustments, anxiety, depression, and codependency. 


Kristen’s philosophy is that therapy can be brief and focused on specific issues or extended work to process complex situations. She believes in working together to decide what process works best for you in order to achieve your goals and discover solutions to the challenges of life and relationships.

Keiara Marsh, MS
Counselor of Marriage & Family Therapy, Pre-licensed


  • Middle & High School Youth

  • Parents/Family of Teens

  • Young Adults

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Couples/Relationship issues

  • Life Transitions/Adjustment

E M A I L  K E I A R A

Keiara graduated from the University of Kentucky with her Masters in Counseling, specializing in Marriage and Family counseling. Keiara has a passion for working with teens and emerging adults, and takes a special interest in walking with this population through the troubles this generation faces day to day. Her experience as a school based counselor has provided her with intrinsic skills for working not just with this population, but also the families and friends supporting them.  

Keiara also works with couples experiencing trouble with communication, resolving conflict, and feeling disconnected. She specializes in the anxiety that often comes with cohabitating, as well as couples who are married. 

Depression, Anxiety, Stress management, Addiction, Grief, family structure, and many other problem areas that are regularly addressed and treated in therapy with Keiara.  Her ability to connect, empathize, and challenge rigid thoughts and patterns are what allow for the success in her clients with making changes and meeting goals they set for themselves. Email her TODAY to schedule an appointment.

Keiara is currently under clinical supervision with Joanna Dixon, LMFT, while she pursues her license as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Loren Jahner, MMFT
Counselor of Marriage & Family Therapy, Pre-licensed


  • Addiction/Recovery

  • Codependency

  • Grief

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Women's Issues

  • PreMarital/Couples Counseling

  • Family Counseling

  • Teens/Adolescents

E M A I L  L O R E N 

Loren completed her masters at NorthCentral University and works with individuals, couples, and families on a multitude of issues such as relational, professional, and personal development. Her approach is integrative, utilizing several therapy models and techniques to better tailor the therapeutic experience for each client’s specific areas of need. This allows her to assist them in navigating the different issues they may be facing. Loren believes that in order to solve the problems that life can throw at us, we need to look at it from all possible angles to help find the best solution. Also, that YOU, as the client, already have those tools needed to solve the issue, and her job is to help you discover the best ways to access them.


Before obtaining her masters, Loren received a bachelor’s degree in Developmental Psychology with a minor in Addiction Studies from the University of Detroit Mercy. After college, she then moved from Michigan to Tennessee to be with family and has resided in Nashville ever since.


She currently works at an outpatient clinic outside of downtown Nashville that treats opioid addiction through medication-assisted treatment. Although the addiction field can be quite challenging, she enjoys working with individuals to help them overcome their battles with addiction. She also has ample experience in working with adolescents, individuals battling anxiety and couples wanting to grow or repair their relationship for it to be stronger than before.


“Self-care is extremely important to me and one thing that I will always impress on my clients is that if you cannot take care of yourself, then you cannot take care of anything or anyone else!”

Loren is currently under clinical supervision with Joanna Dixon, LMFT, while she pursues her license as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Zak ShrockMS
Pre-Licensed Counseling Professional


  • Mens Issues

  • Addiction/Recovery

  • Spouses/Family Members of those in Recovery

  • Codependency

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Trauma History

  • Military & First Responders


E M A I L   Z A K

Zak is a graduate of Austin Peay State University where he obtained his masters in counseling. He has many personal and professional strengths that afford him the ability to empathize with and support his clients and their needs they present with.


Zak  has significant experience in mentoring and working with men and women, and the supports surrounding them who have been wounded by the pains of addiction.  He specializes in working with those battling addiction or codependecy and helping guide them through the sometimes tumultuous  journey to recovery.


Prior to pursuing his graduate degree, Zak was in the Air Force, as well as working in management and home repairs through building, remodeling, and sales. (He has been an intricate part of creating the space that we call home at our new location for Matters of the Heart and turning this 100+ year old home into a fully operational office!) As dad, husband, and provider- he is familiar with the daily struggles that life can bring and how easily, those struggles can overtake you if you are unable to find your balance. 


For the person who is cautious of the counseling realm and unsure of where to go or who to seek out, Zak offers a safe, practical and approachable manner. By connecting with clients right where they are, in language they can understand and relate to- Zak is able to connect with those new to the concept of counseling in a natural and organically effortless way.

Zak is currently working under the clinical supervision of Holli Turriglio, LPC-MHSP, and Joanna Dixon, LMFT as his site supervisor while in pursuit of licensure.

Kelly Hall
Liberty University
Senior-Graduate Intern



  • Couples/Marriage Counseling

  • Family Therapy

  • Trauma

  • Depression & Anxiety

  • Parenting Support

  • Grief

  • Caring for Aging/Terminal Health Family Members

E M A I L   K E L L Y

Kelly is in her final semester at Liberty University, and is completing her internship, focusing on Marriage, Family, Grief, Anxiety & Trauma care. Kelly is a connector at heart and focuses on the counselor/client relationship as a primary objective to success in the treatment process. 

With her own personal story, she is able to pull from 25+ years of marriage and raising grown children to better empathize and connect with her client's right where they are. Kelly's faith, compassion, and family connection is the driving force behind her approach to working with clients, in effort to leave them feeling encouraged, hopeful, and capable to move the mountains they often feel they are up against.

With a specific passion for trauma, marital conflict, families, young adult issues, anxiety, and depression, she brings life wisdom, academic excellence, and experience to you in a way that is easy to sit with, while still challenging stuck patterns.

This Could Be You...
Graduate Students

If you are a graduate student looking for a great opportunity to have your internship or practicum experience in private practice, give us a call! As an adjunct teacher at Union University as well as an AAMFT Supervisor in Training, the teaching experience is highly energizing for me. Offering support, and learning opportunities that include co-therapy, in-session/live data observation, group case staffing, and individual supervision, your learning will never get boring!  Email me here!

***Currently accepting new internship applications for

SUMMER & FALL 2020**