Copy of Copy of Copy of Therapy for Coup
Copy of Copy of Copy of Therapy for Coup
Copy of Copy of Copy of Therapy for Coup
Copy of Copy of Copy of Therapy for Coup
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Copy of Copy of Copy of Therapy for Coup

If it matters to your heart, it matters to ours

The only time you should look back, 

is to see how far you've come. 

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"Working with Joanna has transformed my life and my relationship with myself and others. She is by far the best counselor I have ever been to because she balances making you feel comfortable with her warmth and humor, but also and makes you dig deep to do the real work. She holds a safe space for you to see yourself and your behaviors clearly and how you can make better choices in your life moving forward. I am beyond grateful for the trans-formative work I have done and continue to do with her. But know that Joanna will not let you stay in your comfort zone, she's there to help you do the hard work. But if you are willing to get real and honest and laugh a little along the way, it will be the most rewarding work you've ever done for yourself."                 

                                                                                                       ---"Breanna" former client

“Joanna has a truly wonderful personality, she is sweet and nurturing but also tough. She got to know me and made me feel comfortable but also made me really think about the choices I was making in my life. She made therapy something I actually enjoyed it was like having a conversation with a friend, but a friend that doesn’t let you get away with short-cutting yourself. Choosing Joanna as my therapist was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself, she got me through the roughest time of my life.”      

                                                                                                         ---"Jill" former client

“Choosing a new counselor when you relocate is tricky business but after reading many bios, I chose Joanna because her bio read like she had a personality that I would enjoy. And true to her written bio, in person, she did not disappoint. Joanna is warm, and wise and knows just where to question, to push, to encourage. She creates a safe space where you can be yourself with no judgment. She engaged my creativity in art therapy, she dug deep each week with her questions and she listened intently to hear beyond my words and get to the root of an issue. I am a better, stronger, healthier adult because of my time with her. “  

                                                                                                              ---"Mindy" former client

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