Zak Shrock, TEMP-LPC

"Everyone else knows your worth, they just hope that you don't. Now, let's find it."

He has many personal and professional strengths that afford him the ability to empathize with and support his clients and their needs they present with.


Zak  has significant experience in mentoring and working with men and women, and the supports surrounding them who have been wounded by the pains of addiction.  He specializes in working with those battling addiction or codependecy and helping guide them through the sometimes tumultuous  journey to recovery.


Prior to pursuing his graduate degree, Zak was in the Air Force, as well as working in management and home repairs through building, remodeling, and sales. (He has been an intricate part of creating the space that we call home at our new location for Matters of the Heart and turning this 100+ year old home into a fully operational office!) As dad, husband, and provider- he is familiar with the daily struggles that life can bring and how easily, those struggles can overtake you if you are unable to find your balance. 


For the person who is cautious of the counseling realm and unsure of where to go or who to seek out, Zak offers a safe, practical and approachable manner. By connecting with clients right where they are, in language they can understand and relate to- Zak is able to connect with those new to the concept of counseling in a natural and organically effortless way.

Zak is currently working under the clinical supervision of Holli Turriglio, LPC-MHSP, and Joanna Dixon, LMFT as his site supervisor while in pursuit of licensure.

Areas of Focus

Men's Issues


Spouses/Family Members of those in Recovery



Trauma - EMDR Trained

Military & First Responders


Masters in Counseling

Austin Peay State University


1 hour  therapy session (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) -  $85