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Counseling for Individuals

At Matters of the Heart, we strive to provide a safe,  judgement-free environment  where you can be fully transparent while working towards healing. We recognize the pain our society is facing on both ends of the spectrum, and everything in-between.  As Clinicians, it is our goal and ethical responsibility to be a safe blank space for whatever it is you are facing to be nurtured. We believe in the importance of SELF WORK, and making sure our personal bias does not impede our ability to show up for anyone who finds their way across from us in our office.  

 We also firmly believe in the power of collaboration and teaming up with a counselor you trust to work through what stands in your way. In the same respect, if there is a need for a different approach or perspective, or sometimes just new eyes, we are happy to connect you to another counselor in our practice that we can provide a "warm handoff" to so your work can continue. If we don't have a provider that best fits your needs, we have a list of endorsed local providers that we refer to often in our community that we are honored to connect you with.

Check out our counselors below and find the approach that most resonates with you, our contact our admin through the link at the bottom and we will connect you to a counselor that best fits your budget, scheduling, and personal needs. 

Joanna Dixon, LMFT

Joanna is the practice owner and Clinical Supervisor, operating out of the Hendersonville location. Jo strives to provide a space where you can sit back, bring in a little humor, and begin carefully unpacking the mess you're facing, and gain some objectivity on things that you simply cannot see because it is too close to you.

She specializes with relational distress, men's issues & client's resistant to therapy, high-profile & public-figure complexities,  women in relationship with emotionally avoidant men, & unresolved childhood attachment injuries.


Jinny Glasco, LCSW

Jinny is the director of our Goodlettsville location, and has been an anchor in our area as a Mental Health Provider for more than 20 years. She specializes in working with adults battling chemical & behavioral addiction, Grief, Certified End of Life Doula & family coach, Neurodivergency & ADHD, Depression, and more. 

Becky Kimbrough, MMFT

Becky brings a comfort in the therapy office and offers a gentle way moving her clients towards areas they feel stuck, and unable to grow. She strives to challenge her clients to dig deeper in their work to grasp the healthier life they desire.


Even for those who find change scary, she comes alongside you gently so that you can move out of your own way and continue your journey with confidence and courage. Specializing in relational distress, family trauma, addiction & codependency, and grief.


Nicole Heckel, LMFT

Nicole is the director of our Hendersonville location and has worked in mental health for more than 14 years. Nicole strives to provide a safe and compassionate space that allows you to process those challenges and move through them with understanding and acceptance.
She specializes in treating trauma, grief, addiction, codependency, fertility/women's issues, adoption, families, and relational distress.


Loren Lyons, MMFT

Loren believes that in order to solve the problems that life can throw at us, we need to look at it from all possible angles to help find the best solution. Also, that YOU, as the client, already have those tools needed to solve the issue, and her job is to help you discover the best ways to access them. She specializes in teens, young adults, & individuals with trauma, depression, addiction, self-esteem, and blended families.

HS- Loren.jpg

Mandy Middleton, LMFT

"I believe that working with the various parts and beliefs that we have about ourselves and the world around us is very important in living our best life."
 Mandy is the director at our Gallatin Location and her approach offers practical techniques to challenge those false, unhelpful beliefs we all have and regain, maybe for the first time, an accurate sense of SELF. Her specialities include divorce/divorce recovery, blended families & co-parenting, relational distress, and more.

Rachel Williams, MMFT

Combining integrity, finding your personal identity, and spirituality where desired, Rachel brings grace, acceptance, and heart to those who are seeking to be understood in hopes of finding greater understanding.

Rachel specializes in working with business executives, those facing the push of "corporate America," women's issues such as fertility, maternal adjustment, depression & anxiety and attachment injuries presenting as Trauma.


Kristen Smith, LMFT

To speak, and be heard.

To find your voice and advocate for yourself while still having compassion for those around you.

These are some things that are a natural byproduct of your time in working with Kristen. 


She is passionate about working with her clients through challenging life adjustments, realational distress, intimate partner violence, divorce & divorce adjustment, blended families, co-parenting, religious trauma, anxiety, depression, and codependency

Alex MacWilliam, LMFT

Alex strives to help the whole of a person heal by not just to looking at the issues you're facing, but the history that creates the issue.

Alex uses what he calls the “two how’s” of therapy:

1) HOW did we get here?

2) HOW do we want to change?

Alex wants to see the roots of trauma healed while helping individuals find practical solutions to client’s presenting issues.


He specializes in working with addiction, men's issues, religious trauma and deconstruction, LGBTQIA+, and teens struggling to find their footing of where they belong and acceptance of self.

HS- Alex.jpg

Tara Sprouls, T-LPC

With more than 10 years as a guidance counselor, Tara brings a gentle approach to the counseling office, inviting vulnerability that allows your troubles to be seen and heard.


She specializes in working with Children and Families while tackling issues such as grief, abandonment, depression, divorce care, trauma, parenting support, and individuals with relational distress.

Julie Flannagan, MMFT

Julie brings a bold and honest approach full of wisdom and life experience that helps support her work with individuals, couples, and families, through difficulties they are facing.


Julie specializes with PTSD & Trauma, grief, spouse/child loss, parenting issues, relational distress, and childhood attachment injuries.


Lindsay Loftis, MMFT

Lindsay has worked in the Mental Health industry for more than 7 years, and understands the complexities of how we can often get in our own way of having the kind of connections and relationships with others that we want. 

She specializes in working with couples in relational distress, individuals with depression/anxiety, and even the impact of the relationship on the children involved. Serving Individuals, Couples, and Family/Children in our Hendersonville office.

Lauren Lowery, MMFT

As each individual is unique, Lauren believes that no two therapy processes are the same. She primarily utilizes an attachment-based lens, understanding that the way we attach as children plays a direct role in how we attach to others around us as adults. 


Specializing in working with Teens, Individuals, and Couples through relational distress, self-acceptance and loss of identity, co-parenting, blended families, and the pain and confusion of teenage depression and anxiety.


Katie McCrone, LMSW

Katie brings a holistic, WHOLE PERSON view of her clients, that focuses on healing, from the inside, OUT. With our bodies holding onto our pain in ways that most don't understand, Katie works with you and your system to increase your knowingness and awareness of your overall health and well-being.

Lana Jainarain, MMFT

Lana views the psychotherapy process from a holistic perspective — allowing care to each part of a person (spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional). Lana integrates inner child work, core emotions, and specializes in working with couples in distress, women's issues, fertility, maternal loss, and grief.


Lillian Eastham, MMFT

Lillian values being able to help others walk through different transitions and phases in life, albeit career, grief, relationship changes, young adulthood, separating from your family of origin, etc. Her gentle demeanor and strength for interpersonal connection make her excellent at creating a safe environment for her clients to connect, engage, and carefully step into the pain that troubles their system and gain corrective experiences to help heal those stuck places. 

HS- Blaha.jpg

Lauren Blaha, MMFT

Lauren brings a host of gifts into the counseling office. With honesty and tenacity, she creates space for your whole self to show up and get real!

She specializes in working with Military & First Responders, often through the lens of EMDR and Trauma, as well as working with the complexities their spouses and families can face. She also treats teens struggling with self acceptance and individuals and couples in relational distress.


Jana Simonis, T-LPC

From her role as mom, to stylist, to wife, to advocate, Jana brings her heart and soul into the counseling office. She wants to tap into the "nuts and bolts" of what is keeping you, your marriage, or your family stuck so she can send you back out to face the world around us!

Specializing in Play Therapy with children and students, working with families, coparenting, divorce/divorce adjustment, and relational distress, Jana's delivers a clear message that lands with tools to help deliver new outcomes!

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