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Counseling for Men's Issues

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and teaming up with a counselor you trust to work through life's challenges. Check out our counselors below and find the approach that most resonates with you.


Joanna Dixon, LMFT

Part of my passion for working with men in counseling comes from being raised with brothers, male best friends, and a father who didn't always have access to their own "emotional language."
Women, statistically speak more than 13,000 words a day more than men. This tends to put men at a significant disadvantage, leaving them often defaulting to the emotional "withdrawer" stance in the relationship.

As a therapist, I strive to show-up safe & neutral, bringing a rare, feminine strength (with a dose of humor as an Enneagram 8wing 7 *the Maverick*) to the counseling relationship that I've heard reported "feels safe to open-up" and draw out the different parts of men's masculinity, without judgement.

With a balance of empathy and challenge, I teach and equip men to show up as more effective communicators, leading yourself with strength and security, laying aside unseen traits of toxic masculinity taught from society and previous generations.

Alex MacWilliam, MMFT

Healing is the cornerstone of Alex’s work. Whether it’s social media addiction, grief, or religious trauma, he will hold space for your story and help you find practical solutions. For those who need support in the LBGTQIA+ community, Alex has a heart to walk alongside you in your journey for identity and love. He also has a passion for those dealing with codependency; he wants to help you find your voice and develop healthy boundaries.


Trey Manor, MMFT

Relationships can be both either a buffer against hardships or the cause of our pain and heartache. Sometimes they can even be both. I firmly believe we are created for relationships, yet often times we’re unsure how to cultivate, grow, and sustain them.


Connection can be what we desire most, but it can feel unreachable. A common misconception is that wholeness and intimacy can only be found in marriage. People are made for connection and community; our deepest desire is to be known and loved. This desire can be fulfilled in multiple forms of relationship. Accordingly, I believe that we are made to come together in robust relationships with those we love most.

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We also have Graduate Interns with availability

who offer a discounted rate.

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