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Counseling for Adolescents & Emerging Adults

Check out our counselors below and find the approach that most resonates with you. 

It is important to note that we do NOT specialize in court or legal proceedings, and any pre-licensed counselor cannot be considered an "expert witness" and will not be seen as such in a court of law. Should you need support or advisement for the purpose of divorce, parenting, or coparenting issues involving a legal team or judge, please see the link below for our counselor recommendations.

Lauren Browning, TEMP-LPC

Lauren enjoys the collaborative approach in counseling that allows for the client to be the expert of their lives. She works with you to discover the best ways to achieve your goals and find hope in challenging situations. Her goal for all she works with is the pursuit of health, healing, and growth while preparing to face the next season of their lives.


Kristen Webster, MMFT

Kristen is a skilled listener and enjoys the process of working with others to find creative solutions to life’s difficult problems. She is passionate about working with her clients through challenging life adjustments, anxiety, depression, and codependency. 


Kristen’s philosophy is that therapy can be brief and focused on specific issues or extended work to process complex situations. She believes in working together to decide what process works best for you in order to achieve your goals and discover solutions to the challenges of life and relationships.

Alex MacWilliam, MMFT

There is no time more special or fragile than adolescence. New minds and hearts having to delicately balance between the reality of life’s up’s and down’s and the deserved freedom of childhood. Alex seeks to create an environment where adolescents and emerging adults have space to process this balancing act and create new paths.


Lauren Lowery, MMFT

As each individual is unique, Lauren believes that no two therapy processes are the same. She primarily utilizes an attachment-based lens, understanding that the way we attach as children plays a direct role in how we attach to others around us as adults. She hopes to help clients understand themselves in the context of a larger system.

Loren Lyons, MMFT

Loren believes that in order to solve the problems that life can throw at us, we need to look at it from all possible angles to help find the best solution. Also, that YOU, as the client, already have those tools needed to solve the issue, and her job is to help you discover the best ways to access them.


Trey Manor, MMFT

Hearing your story is an extremely high honor, and I recognize that entering into therapy and being vulnerable with a new person is no easy task. Your commitment to exploring and bettering yourself is one of the hardest and most valuable things you may do.


Lillian Eastham, MMFT

Lillian values being able to help others walk through different transitions and phases in life, albeit career, grief, relationship changes, young adulthood, separating from your family of origin, etc. Her gentle demeanor and strength for interpersonal connection make her excellent at creating a safe environment for her clients to connect, engage, and carefully step into the pain that troubles their system and gain corrective experiences to help heal those stuck places. 

We also have Graduate Interns with availability

who offer a discounted rate.

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