Counseling for Addiction & Codependency

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and teaming up with a counselor you trust to work through life's challenges. Check out our counselors below and find the approach that most resonates with you.

Joanna Dixon, LMFT

The “joining” process in therapy is imperative to the provider/client relationship. Joanna invests a lot of her initial energy in getting to know you on a personal level.

She strives to provide a space where you can sit back, carefully unpack the stressors you are facing, and gain some objectivity on things that you just cannot see because it is too close to you.

Keiara Marsh, LMFT

Depression, Anxiety, Stress management, Addiction, Grief, family structure, and many other problem areas that are regularly addressed and treated in therapy with Keiara.  Her ability to connect, empathize, and challenge rigid thoughts and patterns are what allow for the success in her clients with making changes and meeting goals they set for themselves.

Loren Jahner, MMFT


Loren believes that in order to solve the problems that life can throw at us, we need to look at it from all possible angles to help find the best solution. Also, that YOU, as the client, already have those tools needed to solve the issue, and her job is to help you discover the best ways to access them.

Nicole Heckel, MMFT


When life feels unmanageable it can be really overwhelming and stressful. I’m here to provide a safe and compassionate space that allows you to process what challenges you are facing. I’m here to help with grief work, anxiety, codependency, boundary setting, identifying healthy coping skills, and self esteem struggles.

Becky Kimbrough, MMFT


Are you facing a challenge in your life and finding it hard to overcome? Is there a piece of your past that haunts your present? Is there something inhibiting the kind of peace you desire? Do you feel stuck, blocked from growing into the best possible version of yourself? 

What if you could look in the mirror and view yourself, as you are, from a place of deep, true understanding and contentment? I work with clients from all walks of and stages in life who are ready to make the changes necessary to achieve their goals and take positive, proactive steps towards living a healthier life.

Kristen Webster, MMFT


Kristen is a skilled listener and enjoys the process of working with others to find creative solutions to life’s difficult problems. She is passionate about working with her clients through challenging life adjustments, anxiety, depression, and codependency. 


Kristen’s philosophy is that therapy can be brief and focused on specific issues or extended work to process complex situations. She believes in working together to decide what process works best for you in order to achieve your goals and discover solutions to the challenges of life and relationships.

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